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I’m moving all content to my personal site.

It’s Wednesday and I’ve filled it with yet more learning.

Pluralsight Security+ Path
Understanding Authentication and Authorizations Methods
Implementing Cybersecurity Resilience

RangeForce Community Modules
Splunk Basics
Windows — Process Injection IR (Splunk)
Linux Execution Context
Introduction to Regular Expressions
Cloud Security — Shared Responsibility
Metasploit Basics

Under recommendation from Josh Mason, I’ve taken on the challenge to complete the modules from RangeForce and more importantly, write and talk about them. I’ll do separate writeups on the modules I’ve completed.

Between interviews, coursework and networking last week, it has been an amazing week for growth. I’ve felt a tinge of guilt not getting enough self-study in but I’ve learned much in the past week.

Back on track today with —

Pluralsight Security+ Path
Implementing Secure Application Development, Deployment & Automation
Understanding Authentication & Authorization Methods

A quick mention to TCM Security Academy as well, Heath’s insistence in his videos on quality note-taking has paid off when I jumped back into study and found all my notes ready for me. There was little to no mental lag in resuming study after a break.

He mentions the use of some programs but I’ve made it work for me with OneNote quite well, I’ll make a post of this soon.

Here’s how it looks like for the time being.

Little successes on the path today for me.

Having interviewed and had an engaging conversation with DTA staff, it has truly renewed my focus. I think there are peaks and troughs in every learning journey, where you will find periods of time where nothing is happening and you feel stuck.

Then, there will be times where absolutely everything will be happening at the same time. Your key mission is to be as prepared as you can be when that happens and the only way you can do it is by —


The days you don’t feel motivated? Study.
The topic that’s been giving you grief? Study.
Little excuses you make to justify not studying? Study.

Understanding Virtualization & Cloud Computing

Cyber Defense Path

Getting a move on the last few days with BTLO and TryHackMe.

Blue Team Labs Online
Mainly completing challenges and learning new blue team tools.
Big difference a few days can make on the platform.
Let’s crack “Top 30” before the end of next week.

Complete Beginner Path — Nearly complete.
Cyber Defense Path

First off, thank you Josh Mason / Cyber Supply Drop & BTLO / Security Blue Team for bringing this challenge and learning opportunity to aspiring cybersecurity practitioners.

Spent quite the enjoyable afternoon checking out this platform after hearing only great things on Reddit/LinkedIn from various industry practitioners.

Moving along the Security+ path.
Revising skills learnt along the way.

Python Fundamentals Exercises

Linux Privilege Escalation

Security Concepts in an Enterprise Environment

Motivation & News
SANS Blueprint Podcast — John Hubbard
So I have to sing my praises in regards to this podcast series, I’ve been finding myself listening to an episode multiple times because the amount of relevant content is DENSE and IMMENSELY USEFUL for an aspiring analyst.

Good progress yesterday and today, feeling good after a break.
My course resumes after a break tomorrow and I’m excited to be back.

PickleRick CTF
Blue CTF

After working on some simple CTF boxes, I’m becoming more confident in executing a penetration testing framework.

Write ups for both the rooms will be up soon.

Today, I did more learning on TryHackMe paths. I was feeling a little burnt out forging ahead on Security+ material and this felt like a good reset.

Always nice seeing that rank slowly inch forward, next stop “The 2% Crew”!
I’ll try to keep that streak up as I move back to my Security+ learning tomorrow.

Complete Beginner Path
Offensive Pentesting Path

First of many writeups for CTF boxes.

Word of caution.
I believe it’s important to document the roadblocks along the way as I figure out the solution so this may be longer than the others you may find on the Internet.

Find flag in “user.txt”.
Find flag in “root.txt”.


Cyber Security Analyst

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